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The following methods of payment are accepted by SCORPIONDRESS.COM:

Credit Card Security

SCORPIONDRESS.COM Clients are guaranteed maximum Credit Card security because all transactions are processed using a secure server.


SCORPIONDRESS.COM advises Clients to apply for E-commerce security PIN CODES provided by Verified by Visa and SecureCode by MasterCard.

For more information, please visit or

Credit Card Charges

If there are sufficient funds and the account information is valid, the order will be processed instantly. Credit cards are charged at the moment that the order is confirmed for both available merchandise and for Pre-order items (which are shipped later in the season when the merchandise arrives).

Bank Wire Transfer

When Bank Wire Transfer is selected at the order confirmation as the method of payment, the customer will automatically receive an email confirming the account information for SCORPIONDRESS.COM. The merchandise will then be reserved for the order and shipped once the funds are deposited in SCORPIONDRESS’s bank account.

It is mandatory that the Client send a scan or fax of the bank transaction within 48 hours of confirming the order. Merchandise will be shipped once the funds have reached SCORPIONDRESS’s bank account.

If the scan or fax of the bank transaction is not received within 48 hours of the request, the order will be cancelled.

The merchandise will be shipped once SCORPIONDRESS has received the funds and the merchandise is available for shipment.


SCORPIONDRESS.COM welcomes payments from PayPal Accounts and reserves the right to process orders only if shipped to the same address that the verified Paypal account is registered with.

Pre-Order Payment

Clients can place orders for merchandise that is scheduled to arrive later in the season.

SCORPIONDRESS.COM reminds Clients that Pre-Orders are scheduled to arrive before the end of the month indicated on the web site.

In the event an item reserved by the Client does not arrive, the Client will be informed and a refund or store credit will be issued.
The credit card will be charged the date of order placement.
PayPal payments for Pre-Orders are the same day as order placement.
Bank Wire transfers for Pre-Orders are invoiced the day the funds arrive in SCORPIONDRESS’saccount.
The shipping address country inserted for Pre-Orders cannot be modified, updated or changed in any way.